Susan and Stephen Kotansky, Batyu and Fecske, are already planning the fantastic Hungarian Folk Tour that will occur between April 4-16, 2019.

Programme plan:
April 4 –  Welcome Dinner at Teleki-Wattay Castle Hotel – Moldavian Csango Dance House
April 5–   Morning and Afternoon Dance Workshops (Dances of the Mohacs Serbs and Šokac) – Evening Dance House with the “Poklade” Orchestra
April 6 –  Morning and Afternoon Dance Workshops (Romanian Dances from Hungary) – Attend the Hungarian Folk Dance Fair which is the largest folk event during the annual Spring Festival (dancing, performances, live music, shopping for folk items and music, and more . . .)
April 7 –  Morning and Afternoon Dance Workshops (Gyimes Héjsza dances with live music) – Attend the Gala Evening at the Hungarian Folk Dance Fair
April 8 –  Travel to Nyiregyháza – Afternoon Dance Workshop (Nyirségi Verbunk, Hajlikázo, Lánytánc) – Evening: Nyirségi Bál
April 9 –  Morning Dance Workshop (Körcsárdás, Tirpák “Urban Ballroom” Dances) – Afternoon and Evening Dance Workshop and Party with local Cigánys and live music
April 10 – Morning: Visit to a village museum and a Cigány Church Mass – Afternoon and Evening: Visit Boldogkőváralja, Tokaj for wine tasting, dinner, and evening dance program
April 11 – Travel to Kassa (Košice) Slovakia – Afternoon Dance Workshop (Slovak and Ruthenian dances) – Evening: Presentation on Slovak/Ruthenian Costumes, Folk Life, and dance performance and Dance House
April 12 – Morning Dance Workshop (Slovak, Ruthenian, and Cigány) – Afternoon: ightseeing in Kassa followed by dinner. Free programme for the evening.
April 13 – Travel to Mezőkövesd (Matyó region) – Morning and Afternoon: Visit the Matyó Museum and local masters of various folk crafts – Evening: Performance of Matyó Music and Dance followed by dancing with locals
April 14 – Travel to Zamárdi on Lake Balaton – Evening: Dance Review and International Dance Party
April 15 – Morning and Afternoon Boat Excursion to Tihany to visit the Benedictine Abbey, The Lavender House, and the Doll Museum – Evening: Return to the Teleki-Wattay Castle Hotel for a Farewell Dinner and Dance with live music
April 16 – Departure – Viszontlátásra

If you know anyone who’s interest may meet with this Folk Tour, please share our program proposal with them.

By now you can apply anytime through the Pre-Registration form.

The price of the tour, 1950€, or 2400$

The deadline for submission is September 30 , 2018

We are going to send you the details of the payment procedure ( deposit etc.) and the participiant information form in the next letter.

Planned number of participants 40 people.

Yours faithfully Batyu, Fecske, Five, Zsolt, Suzy, Stephen, Jeff.